What is the design process for my renovation?


  1. Existing Studies
    • Measure existing structure (as necessary).
    • Verify existing site conditions.
    • Measure important site features (i.e. deck, patio).
    • Review zoning and prepare plot plan for the building envelope.
  2. First Preliminary Phase
    • Initial design to incorporate client's ideas and program. 
    • Floor Plans with Room Dimensions and Furniture Layout. 
    • Front Elevation and/or most prominent elevation regarding the design. 
    • Exterior materials will be graphically depicted. 
  3. Second Preliminary Phase
    • Client's comments and/or suggestions incorporated into initial designs. 
    • All Elevations: Front, Rear and two sides. 
    • More detailed drawings showing major structural components.
    • *Additional preliminaries will be prepared until the client is satisfied with the design.
  4. Construction Phase
    • Fully detailed drawings for permitting, bidding and construction. 
    • Materials and specifications detailed as per meetings with the client. 
  5. Post Construction Phase
    • Satisfy any concerns with the town ensuring permits are issued. 
    • Answer questions from contractors regarding the construction drawings.
    • Entertain suggestions from contractors regarding alternate construction methods.